Temporary barriers and separations for construction or events

Temporary Fences

A temporary fence is commonly used when installing a permanent fence is not feasible or required. This type of fence is typically seen around buildings such as schools, commercial sites and industrial locations. Temporary fences are primarily used for security reasons and act as a barrier to keep people away. Large sporting events, such as a soccer game, may use temporary fencing to separate people from the field. Industrial construction sites commonly use this type of fence to keep people from accidentally stepping onto the property. Temporary fencing normally serves the function of protecting people from hurting themselves.

States have numerous legal requirements that specifically tell building contractors how they need to go about protecting the public from dangerous construction projects that entail heavy machinery and building. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) overlooks many of these laws, which often indicate the need for temporary fencing in these situations. The government sets strict requirements for the use of temporary fencing. Most of these requirements deal with the safety of individuals. Engineers designing these types of fences need to adhere to these laws, and construct temporary fences that have good wind force resistance. Builders who do not follow these laws can be fined by the government and shut down if they do not fix the problem.

A good temporary fence meets all the strictest requirements and is installed properly by professionals. Alliance Fence Corp. designs temporary fences that meet these stringent codes. Our hardworking professionals can install temporary fences that range from 4’ to 12’ high. This type of fence can be set in concrete foundations, post pounded into the ground, or set in panels with stands. We also have coordinating gates to accompany your temporary fence. These gates range from 3’ to 50’ in width and can be rented on a long or short term basis depending upon your requirements.

Alliance Fence believes in keeping people safe from hazardous construction sites and within entertainment venues. We design our temporary fences with the user in mind, so you can rest assure of the quality you’re receiving. Our professionals can install a temporary fence to suit your requirements, and location is never an issue. Customers who use Alliance Fence will quickly realize the fantastic service and fine craftsmanship they are receiving from our devoted professionals on all levels from start to finish. If you are in need of temporary fencing, contact Alliance Fence Corp. to assist you with all of your requirements. A job well done is a job that is taken seriously by individuals who care about your needs. Alliance Fence is her to get the job done right in the most proficient, professional manner possible. Expect nothing but complete satisfaction when you work with us.


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