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Fencing Materials

Alliance Fence specializes in all types of fencing. We offer chain link fences that come in galvanized, aluminized and vinyl coated styles. Moreover, we also specialize in installing temporary wood fences, wire partitions, electric operating gates and gate access systems, as well. Customers also have plenty of options when it comes to selecting the appropriate height. The fencing we install varies in height, ranging from as low as 36” all the way up to 30’ and over.

Moreover, we also install commercial and industrial type fencing, such as security fences for correctional facilities and nuclear power plants. Our professionals know their trade and will install a fence that meets all of your expectations and demands. Posts can be installed on base plates or concrete footings, and we also offer pound post options as well.

Alliance Fence Corp. Specializes in All Areas of Fencing Products:

Chain Link
-Galvanized Chain Link
-Aluminum Chain Link
-Vinyl Coated Chain Link
-Industrial/Heavy Duty Grade Materials
-Lower Weight Materials (Upon Request Only)

Chain Link Privacy Materials
-PDS Slats

Steel Pipe and Hardware
-Industrial/Heavy Duty Grade Materials
-Lower Weight Materials (Upon Request Only)
Barbed Wire, Razor Wire, Razor Fence (Chain link materials of Industrial Grade are stored in house and can be purchased)

Ornamental Fencing and Gates
-Wrought Iron

Commercial Custom Wood Fencing and Gates
Temporary Fencing and Gates
Wire Partitions
Architectural Fence
Orsogril Fencing and Gates
Omega System
Rohn Fence

Guard Rail

Electric Gate Operating Systems

Anti-Terrorism Systems
Delta Systems-Ameristar-River Dale-Amico
Fencing Alarm/Theft Deterrence Systems
TyMetal Corporation


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