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Fences are wonderful additions to your property line. They establish a perimeter and enhance the overall security of a location. There are many different types of fences to choose from on the current market. Chain linked fences, wood fences and security fences are just some of the options available. However, if you are looking for something a little bit different, then Alliance Fence Corp. has exactly what you have been seeking. Alliance Fence, and affiliate of Stonetree Chicago can install a Stonetree wall around your property for that unique look. Stonetree wall systems combine the warm, subtle ambiance of ‘stacked stone” with economical, lasting precast concrete panels, posts and columns. These gorgeous walls and columns will enhance the curb appeal while offering the protection you need from intruders, sounds, sights or any other applications you may need.

Stonetree products utilize steel and fiber reinforcements in high strength, molded concrete. This attractive, maintenance free wall is completely designed out of concrete, but gives off the appearance of a stone structure. The wall itself has crevices and cliffs engraved into it on both sides. You will be able to enjoy the timeless appearance of rugged stone as the sun dapples its radiant light over the wall. As the day wears on, shadows cast by the sun accent the wall’s surface, creating tranquil beauty and archaic ambience. Each concrete panel on a Stonetree wall meets invisibly in recessed spots created by the profound stone impressions. Stonetree walls installed by Alliance Fence Corp./Stonetree Chicago give you the long lasting durability required by a superior product. These walls withstand the test of time and nature throughout every season of the year. Moreover, the hard structure of these walls makes them nearly impenetrable, so intruders will be kept at bay.

Alliance Fence Corp. takes tremendous pride in giving customers exactly what they require. Every job is given equal attention, and our professional installers take the time to get the job done right. Unlike other fencing companies, we are a family owned business that has over 50 years of experience in the fencing industry. This means we strive to provide you with quality product fine union craftsmanship and the best service possible in all areas of our profession. Some fencing companies have a bad habit of giving their customers the runaround when it comes to selecting materials and installation techniques. Alliance Fence has exactly what you need and installation is never a problem. Beautify your living headquarters today with the unique product line offered by your friends at Alliance Fence Corp.


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